4/29/15 – The Numbers Are In

I finished my 10 fractions of radiation today.  Was able to work – accomplished much I might add – and got to see Victor’s baseball game.  That was great.  Beautiful 80 degree day here in New Jersey.  I think the whole town was at the game.  It is funny to see the 7th grade boys play (the two middle schools in Westfield were playing each other today) and all the girls come out to watch.  It is a new dynamic.

I got home from the game to receive my Myeloma numbers.  All good so far.  The IGg, which has been normal since transplant, is still normal.  Basically the same as where it was a few weeks ago.  The Kappa Light Chain number which was high a few weeks ago is still high but down significantly.  This means that the radiation is working.  We suspect that the high Kappa number is coming from the plasmacytoma on my chest.  The fact that it is lower after radiation means that our theory may be correct.  We are still waiting on the M Spike but according to Dr. G. the stable IGg suggests that the rest of my Myeloma is behaving itself for now.  FOR NOW.

We know it will come back.  It probably will get worse.  The good news is that we have a bunch of things to throw at it that it hasn’t seen before.  There is the trial drug ACY-1215 that I am supposed to start in two weeks.  There is T Cell therapy.  There is Selinixor.  There are many, many more things in the pipeline – (thanks MMRF)

So… keep your positive thoughts and prayers coming.  Whatever you all are doing it is working.  Whether it is my friend and client Paul’s mom who told she is praying for me even though we are different religions (believe me – I take any and all prayers from any and all religions) or whether it is my friend Connie who says PUSH – “pray until something happens” or my friend and client Dan who talks regularly to GUS – you know – the Guy Upstairs!  Keep going.  Keep praying.  Keep hoping.

We got this.  All of us.  Together.

Love to all … #bradstrong

12 responses to “4/29/15 – The Numbers Are In

  1. Thanks for sharing the positive report! Praying for continued progress and strength for the whole family!

  2. So happy to hear some good news! Glad you were able to get outside to enjoy the beautiful day and watch Victor’s game. Sending lots of love to you and your wonderful family!

  3. Only the strongest of people acknowledge that they derive strength from the prayers and efforts of others.

  4. If prayers work u have it made. What a great support system u have. It’s beautiful. Love when we hear positive reports, but this won’t stop our prayers. They will be stronger than ever. We sending love hugs and of course prayers !! ❌❌⭕️⭕️Joni & Jeffrey

  5. Brad,
    I’ve been reading for quite a while now but recently have subscribed. I work at a biotech in Cambridge, MA developing a CAR-T immunotherapy against MM. Your grit gives me a second wind on long days and weekends spent in the lab and your spirit is really admirable. You’d be happy to know that today we did a sort of target practice with our engineered TCells against cancer cells in suspension and they ripped them to shreds (as always). This year has been spent perfecting our product for clinical trial.
    Stay positive! MM doesn’t stand a chance.

  6. I am so happy to hear of good results. The future is now!! We should all take a hint from life and experience and live life as you
    Thanks for being an incredible role model
    Charlotte and Harvey Seigerman

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