4/13/15 – And the Oscar Goes To …

Seems as if my shortness of breath wasn’t transfusion related but had more to do with me coming off the pneumonia antibiotic more than anything else.  I restarted the IV antibiotic on Saturday morning and feel better since.  I am still short of breath but NOTHING like I was late last week.  My regret is that I talked my way off the antibiotic and didn’t listen to my doctor as I should have.  Now I lost a week of endurance and strength.  I have to work that much harder to get it back.

This past weekend, Victor and I were home alone as Helene and Ava were at a cheerleading competition in Ocean City, MD.  I tried not to leave the house a disaster area but try as I might … let’s just say I did my best.  I got to go to his baseball game and he rewarded me by hitting a two out two RBI single to centerfield and his team won 5-4.  I know how much it meant to him for me to be there – only because it meant as much if not MORE to me.  It was great just hanging out with him at night.  During the day I drove him to friends’ houses but he came home early.  We rented movies and ordered in dinner.  It was nice to be a DAD again.  It was nice to PARTICIPATE in his life in a meaningful way.

Ava’s team, meanwhile, took third place out of ten teams in Ocean City.  WOW!!!  Hopefully, I can have the same types of weekends with her as well.

On the Multiple Myeloma front – new numbers are pretty consistent with last ones.  IGG down a little more, still normal.  M Spike down further as well but still existent.  The Kappa number was up and out of normal range.  Dr. G. says that probably has to do with the plasmacytoma on my chest and once radiated should fall again once we are done with radiation.  I am hoping to start that this week or next.

Other than that, keeping busy working and looking forward to getting back out on the road again seeing clients.

Lastly – Here is the new version of the MMRF video.  Kind of a mash up of all the videos they took.  They will be showing it at their May 5th fundraiser – “Laugh for Life” – in New York City.  It really is a great night.

Who should the Oscar go to?  Me or Matt Damon?  Or maybe even Ava?  Check it out … http://now.themmrf.org/

I have a lot to balance between family, work, radiation, pneumonia, etc. but I am optimistic that we can juggle all of these balls.  As I told Helene and Dr. G, “Just get me to the T-Cell therapy part.  The rest will take care of itself.”

6 responses to “4/13/15 – And the Oscar Goes To …

  1. You are so much cuter than Matt Damon….. and he doesn’t have the beautiful Ava with him. Plus no one fights harder than you to beat Cancer. Great video It is always a good day to fight cancer. Sending hugs and love Joni & Jeff

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