3/28/15 – The Numbers Are In

After my post transplant check up with Dr. G on Thursday I got my Myeloma markers back and they are pretty good…pretty, pretty good.

The IGg number is 943 which is … wait for it … NORMAL!  This is compared to 4000 before transplant.

The Kappa Chains (the ones that were raging away before the transplant) is down to 12.1.  This is also in NORMAL range.  Compare this to over 4000 before transplant as well.

The M Spike, however, is still present.  It measures at 0.7.  It needs to be zero.  Good news is that pre transplant it was 3.7 so it is way, way down.

I am very excited about these numbers but have two things to be cautious about:

1.  This is only day +52 from transplant.  The markers were taken on day +50.  The day +100 numbers are MUCH more meaningful.

2.  All this means is that the high dose Melphalan worked.  That’s all.  We need to find a drug that will help keep this Myeloma at bay.  The good news is that we have a TON of options.  There are a significant number of new drugs in the pipeline.

I am also going to consult with a few other docs before making a definitive decision.

So all in all a great day for us.  I will take good news ANYTIME I can get it!  I celebrated by driving Victor to his friends house.  It is great to get behind the wheel again although I feel like a 16 year old.  Victor said he missed my car.

On our way … still fighting, still battling, getting stronger every day!

18 responses to “3/28/15 – The Numbers Are In

  1. Thank is so great to hear!! You impress me every day with your forward movement and constant hard work. You have been thru so much the past couple of months, but you don’t let that push down, instead you push back and show us all how to live in this moment. Can’t wait until we hang with you again. Missing you!

  2. So glad that things are moving in the right direction. It is these little things too that we should be most grateful!!

  3. Great news! My daughter just started a trial at Penn withPomalyst, dex & the trial drug Opromozib. Her numbers reduced drastically. We had thought she was going to allo transplant but her body was in such poor shape after doing CDEP in November. The side effects the first 2 weeks were exhausting for her but now her body has adjusted & mild fatigue seems to be the worst. Don’t know what is next but Dr. Cohen has said they will be opening some T cell therapies in the summer. We shall see. Hope all continues to get better for you.

  4. Awesome!!
    Your family and friends are so so lucky to have you. We want to keep you.
    We wish you continous success.
    Charlotte/ harvey Seigerman
    (We are friends. of Natalie and Ike)
    You are very special!!!!!!!

  5. You’re doing terrific Brad (although I kind of like Skeletor). Glad to hear your numbers are really excellent. Keep on keeping on and being strong.

  6. Brad, that is terrific results and progress. You have truly given me hope with your inspiration and determination. Thank you!

  7. You made our day!!!!! Best news ever. Great day to fight Our money is on You Loads of love Joni and Jeffrey

  8. Brad, I’ve written to you before to let you know that your blog means a lot to me, My husband has MM and had a SCT 4 1/2 years ago. His M spike is back, although low like yours, .57. With all the new drugs, I know he will be fine, if I am logical, but emotions play into it so much. You have such great support, which is a blessing to be sure.
    Be Well,
    Wendy Wallis

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