3/23/15 – …and Stronger Still

Went to get some bloodwork done at Overlook Hospital today.  My hemoglobin and platelets are higher than they have been in months which means my bone marrow is starting to churn out blood on its own.  Hopefully we are past transfusion time for now.  Also, my lungs are much more clear from the pneumonia.  Doc said clear on the right and very mild in one spot on the left.  Very, very mild.  I am coughing more.  Hopefully that is a good sign or a sign of my productivity.

I am getting some work done today and by the way just had to chase the dog because she escaped the back yard!  Talk about FATIGUE!  Yikes!  I reeled her in with a bone.

One more thing … check out the walking video from yesterday below.  Although I still look like skeletor, My walking has improved significantly.  I weighed in at a svelte 182 today.  That is after spending much of my adult life somewhere between a buff 210 and an overweight 225.  Now I guess I get a chance to rebuild my body on MY TERMS.  Easier to pack the weight on than take it off.

That’s all for now.  Visit with Dr. G at Penn on Thursday.  I will update then.  We are getting there.

11 responses to “3/23/15 – …and Stronger Still

  1. Love it!!! And loved hearing Helene cheer you on!! Brought a smile to my face! Love u guys!!

  2. Dear Brad, Cheers from here. Keep moving in the right direction – really great news. Of course, you have a fabulous home nurse and small assistants – you are really a lucky guy. Love and Hugs, Uncle Herb & Aunt Roberta

  3. From this post, you sound awesome. Great to have you back.. I don’t think i’ve weighed 182 since college umpteen years ago. Altho that’s my target weight. You’re gonna be lean & mean

  4. I think the walking video is amazing! I thought u looked the best. Great color and a smile on your face. You are truly amazing.

  5. You make us feel better too! Keep up the great progress. Love to you, Charlotte and Harvey

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