3/22/15 – Getting Stronger

It is so strange when you watch my “Tough Guy – MMRF Video” compared to now.  I am really a shell of my old self.  Thankfully I am working with a PT to regain my strength and she knows EXACTLY where I need to be to get back to be.  So … here is a video of me (skeletor – since I lost my hair, eyebrows and lashes) to compare to the MMRF video.  (Click to watch)

I will be back.  I will be even stronger.  If not, I hope my eyebrows and eyelashes grow back at least!

23 responses to “3/22/15 – Getting Stronger

  1. You’re an amazing inspiration for all those that are battling. What a beautiful video you made…thank you for sharing. Praying for you all! Love, The O’Connor Family

  2. Best part of this new video is that you are back home where you belong! Stronger than ever is exactly where you are heading! Sending all the healing energy we can in your direction! You will do this!

  3. I hear the Rocky theme song when I see this… with lovely “Adirian” in the background cheering you on. oxox

  4. You still look great to me!! Glad you are home so u can get strong and fight back with the support of your family! Seeing your children and Helene every day has to give you the strength you need to fight!! Love u!!😘😘

  5. It’s great to see that you are getting your strength back–we love you and glad that you are home!

  6. You are an inspiration to all. So glad you are starting to get stronger. Stay “strong” and keep fighting.

  7. SO glad you are home right where you belong!!! Keep up the great work!!!! You are strength!!! We love you!!!

  8. By the time you are done with your current training, it will be the original MMRF Video that depicts a shell of you new self.

  9. Keep up the great work…. You’re still one of the strongest people I have ever known.. You got this! I love seeing your posts!

  10. Looking at both of these videos, I am struck by the fact that I am watching a strong guy living his life with determination and a great attitude. Keep it up Brad, you are an inspiration.

  11. Brad, you are incredible and have such a beautiful way of expressing yourself. Your videos are so powerful. xo, Jennifer

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