3/8/15 – Helene’s Recap

Helene and the kids spent the day with Brad at Overlook. Helene said he looked great, is breathing easy and even walked around a bit. Latest CT scan of his lungs did not show much change (good or bad) versus scan from last week, but according to Helene, “Brad definitely seems better and says he feels better.” 

Tomorrow, Helene and Brad will confer with the team from Overlook to determine how to proceed with treatment. Now that he is feeling stronger, Helene and Brad are exploring the possibility of having him transferred to Penn. Although they’ve been very pleased with the care Brad has received at Overlook, being directly monitored and treated by Dr. G and the transplant team at Penn would be more ideal.  

More updates to follow… 

3 responses to “3/8/15 – Helene’s Recap

  1. Thanks for the update, Helene and Brad. Any news is good news. Just like to keep in touch, as best we can.

  2. Hi Brad, So happy you are feeling better. Can hear Helene’s happiness is her message. Keep up the good work. You are facing lots of tough decisions. We have faith that you will make the right one. Hugs, Uncle Herb and Aunt Roberta

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