3/4/15 – Update on Pneumonia

i am really too weak to blog so from now on I will be copying Helenes updates on me for everyone to read and keep up:

Last week they did a blood test to measure Brad’s pneumonia (Procalcotonin). They repeated the test and results show that his pneumonia is getting better (yay!). So, they are treating some bacteria with all of the antibiotic. This is very good news. As they had previously said, it looks like is that he has RSV (viral) on top of the pneumonia (bacterial). We don’t have a culture result to determine exactly what antibiotic to eliminate, so he remains on all of them. No need for the broncoscopy.

In addition, he looks better today – definitely more awake and he is sitting up in the chair rather than lying in bed. He said he’s coughing less than yesterday and hasn’t coughed since I came today. Brad is using oxygen but his breathing is still labored upon exertion. He much better physically, I can just tell.

More good news is that the labs continue to improve and his calcium moved up from supplements yesterday as well.

This is GREAT progress but let’s not get excited. He needs to be able to breath easy (without oxygen) while exerting himself before he comes home.
Also before he comes home, doctors have a challenge of sending him home with drugs that can be given at home infusion and out of the hospital. He’s on so many things this would be a challenge at this point.

One GIANT leap today. Dayenu.

9 responses to “3/4/15 – Update on Pneumonia

  1. Brad and Helene, I am always thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way. I know you are strong and can kick this!

  2. Progress is not measured in speed….only direction. Just keep your mental fight in the game and your immune system and drugs will do the rest.

  3. Progress is good. Each day will be better. Thanks for the update. We’ve been thinking about you a lot lately.

  4. Thanks for the update. Think about you guys every day. All of our love to all 4 of you. You’re my hero Brad. Keep up the fight bro

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