2/27/15 – Back at the Hospital 

Got a call from Dr. G today that my latest labs showed I was back in a neutropenic state. He wanted me to get admitted to the hospital to be monitored. 

I was too weak to get all the way to Penn so I am at Overlook in Summit.

Heck the transplant part was easy. It’s the pneumonia that I am now fighting off that is the tough part!

So even though I am not home I am glad to be in a place where I can be properly cared for and monitored. 

It’s a great day to fight cancer. 

16 responses to “2/27/15 – Back at the Hospital 

  1. So happy to see your post this morning! Sending lots of love, and strength from Westfield.
    We love you!!!!
    Xoxoxo The Rollins Family

    • Regarding my previous comment…”Happy to see your post”…because you posted xoxoxo. But was certainly sad to hear you’re in the hospital. Confident you’ll get your levels to where they should be and get out of there soon. Sending lots of love your way!!!!

  2. So happy to see you posting. Rest, take it easy and you’ll be back home before you know it! We alll love you and are thinking of you!!😘😘

  3. Overlook is a good place to be monitored. Close to home and a caring staff. Stay strong….you are a fighter and lots of prayers lifted up to the heavens for you. Judy

  4. Stay strong and keep that positive attitude, you’ll be back home in no time. MM doesn’t stand a chance against #Bradstrong

  5. We love you, Brad! Here’s to getting out of Overlook soon and back home with your family. (I’d ask about the female nurses but then Jen would accuse me of being a dirty old man!)

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