2/23/15 – Day +19

Just throwing a quick update out there now that I have been home a few days.  I am getting through the transplant pretty good.   My strength is coming back slowly and I parlayed that into a trip downstairs today and out of the bedroom.  It was nice to have dinner with the family all together.

The weakness is still lingering from the respiratory infections that I caught in the hospital.  Helene is doing a great job administering an IV antibiotic each morning through my port and we have a home nurse who comes three days a week to check labs.  The bloodwork is picked up from our house and run to the lab where the results are given to Dr. G.  However – it is 6:30 PM the first day of this process – and we still haven’t heard anything back.

I feel good.  Much the same as I did after the first transplant.  The next few days will be telling.  I have a follow up with Dr. G. on Thursday afternoon.  I will update the blog on Friday with those results.  Until then, I will continue to conserve my strength toward my recovery, my family, my friends and my career.

Thank you for all the kind texts and emails.  It is still difficult to answer individually so bear with me.  Also – there have been so many great Facebook and Twitter posts that it would be impossible for me to go backwards and comment so let me give a general THANK YOU!  I love you all and I am SO APPRECIATIVE of your support!


7 responses to “2/23/15 – Day +19

  1. Hi Brad: Thinking of all of you alot. Don’t reply! Just know that we’re thinking of you and your amazing family. Love, Becky & the Coustan-Asherovs

  2. You keep working on the getting stronger and the recovery and we will keep working on the love and prayers. It’s a deal!

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