2/20/15 – Home

Got my discharge paperwork from Penn a few hours ago. My sister Liz is waiting with me to take me home however we have been waiting on the pharmacy.

At some point tonight I will be home and then need a few days to decompress after which I will write a blog about this whole experience.

I still need IV infusions at home everyday of antibiotic for pneumonia but I will be home.

Thanks for the kind words, texts and love. As always, #bradstrong

17 responses to “2/20/15 – Home

  1. Dear Brad, So, what do you want for dinner? Am sure that whatever it is it will taste like lobster and caviar! You’re lucky to have a sister like Liz – she is very special. Enjoy the trip and enjoy your family. Have a fabulous weekend. Love ‘n hugs, Uncle Herb and Aunt Roberta

  2. So happy you will be home. You have been completely awe inspiring and strong. Sending you so so so much love. W

  3. So happy you’re going home!! Sending you love, strength and healing thoughts!! Please say hi to Liz for me πŸ™‚ xxxoo

  4. So happy u will be home soon and able to feel the comfort of your own bed and all those that u love around u!! 😘😘

  5. There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home. Good for you. How wonderful to sleep in your own bed.

  6. We’re so glad that you’re heading home and back on the road to recovery. Looking forward to seeing you guys very soon.

  7. Brad ,
    So happy to hear you are going home. You did it.
    Get home safe and dress warm! It is freeeezing.
    Enjoy Halene, kids and family!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  8. overjoyed on the news of your discharge.
    We wish you continued success. Our prayers are being answered.
    Boruch Hashem (Bless THE LORD )
    Charlotte and Harvey Seigerman

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