2/17/15 – Finally, We Catch a Break

WBCs up to 1.9 and ANC up to 2680! Remember two days in a row of ANC over 1000 and I can go home! However …. I still have this high creatinine (kidney) issue and really low electrolytes. Breathing is still laborious although much better than it was before. They won’t let me out until we can stabilize my kidney function but things seem to be moving along … AND THEN … Had a visit from Dr. S (Dr. Gs boss) and here is a copy/paste of the email Helene sent to the family after his visit:

Spoke with Brad’s doctors earlier today and received some great news.

Brad’s preliminary myeloma markers show major improvement and it’s only been two weeks (it really takes 100 days for the full effect of the transplant). Also, lesions that were in his chest when he was admitted for the transplant are now gone with no activity. This means that in the myeloma area, he gets an A+.

As far as the labored breathing Brad’s been experiencing, it’s either pneumonia or the flu. But regardless, they can handle it. He’s breathing better since this morning, so that’s great!!

Most importantly, he’s responding extremely well to the transplant.

Finally, some good news!!!

So … Let’s target home by end of the week? We will see. I know I haven’t been particularly philosophical with these blogs lately. No great “insight” and have been taking the easy way out with the copy/paste but bear with me. I am having a tough time talking – even texting takes effort.

As Dr. S said today … “Man, you needed to catch a break.”

Let’s hope he’s right and I did!

13 responses to “2/17/15 – Finally, We Catch a Break

  1. That’s fantastic Bradley Coustan!!! You go ahead and kick that multiple myeloma’s lame a** !!! Godspeed friend. More powers to you.

  2. Dr. S can be so refreshing in his comments. Keep up the good work and know that every day will be better. This time the transplant is going to hold.
    My first follow-up with Dr. S post d/c from transplant he said that in 6 weeks I would look back and see how far I had come. At the time I didn’t believe it because I felt like s**t. But, 6 weeks later I looked back and he was right. So, know that things do get better.
    Nancy in Phila

  3. Brad, We are 2 amongst thousands of your admirers! We’re praying and cheering for you.
    With lots of love, Charlotte and Harvey

  4. Sorry you have not heard from me in a while. I was out of town with very limited access but I did read all of the posts and kept following. This is great news and I am so glad to hear. Keep it up Brad. We are all rooting for you.

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