2/16/15 – Mixed Bag of Results

This was supposed to post yesterday but I was to tired and weak to do it. Good news! My ANC count jumped to 900. I am on the road to going home when I get two straight days of over 1000.

Not so good news – the other stuff in my body isn’t working so well. Here is a copy of an email Helene had sent to the family after a conversation with Dr. G.

Spoke to Dr. G and he thinks that things are moving along ok.

Brad’s platelets are still low but G says that’s usually the last thing to come up with transplant patients.

Waiting for results of his liver scan and a liver specialist is coming to meet with Brad.

Chest scans show nothing major. Seems there are slight electrolyte balances that are causing him to overcompensate by breathing heavy. Possible infection in chest waiting for radiologist to review scans. Will change antibiotic accordingly if necessary. Said its nothing they can’t handle.

G and I also spoke about after the transplant what’s to come. He said that they plan to keep him off medication for 60 days because his body needs time to recover and to see the effectiveness of the transplant. Myeloma numbers will be taken around 60 days to determine how to proceed.

Also, G is working on having the clinical trial amended so patients can participate in the Cart 19 trial that have had two prior transplants. This could take time. Regardless, Brad can’t just jump into another transplant as his body needs time to recover.

Pretty much treating the symptoms and moving along. He feels great so we will go with that. If I get more information today will be in touch. Otherwise more tomorrow.

That’s pretty much it. Everything I do is laborious right now. Even reading and typing texts. Nothing I can’t handle though.

Love you all lots – #bradstrong

4 responses to “2/16/15 – Mixed Bag of Results

  1. February 17th is an auspicious day on our family calendar – all good things have happened on this date. So the number 17 is also special. All the special 17th goodness that is our family’s I extend to you today and every 17th hour, 17th minute and 17th second. Thumbs up for 17th goodness. Stay the fighting course you and your family are an inspiration. Warmly –

  2. Praying for u. I have MM and signed up for your blog, cause I feel that even though we don’t know each-other, every person with Myeloma is connected and we should be supportive .

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  3. Keep up the fight Brad! You have a positive attitude – and the strength of a bull! Good Luck Always!!

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