2/4/15 – Day -1

Just a quick hello. Got my chemo yesterday. Today was a rest day and the plan is to give me my stem cells back tomorrow. I feel great. No nausea (yet) from the chemo. Doc says I should start to feel crappy around day +5 thru day +8 when my counts bottom out and my immune system is next to nothing. That translates into Tuesday thru Friday next week. Then hopefully I will recover and be sent home.

Feeling great. Enjoying the kind texts from so many. Sorry if I am unable to answer right away.

Love to all. Keep smiling. It’s a great day to keep fighting cancer. Let’s do this.

12 responses to “2/4/15 – Day -1

  1. Good luck Brad. It was so great seeing you last week. We are all hoping this goes well and you.
    Thinking about you. Be strong!!!

  2. Know that we are thinking about you, Brad.
    Sending warm hugs from Highland Park,
    Anita and Bob Goldberg

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