1/30/15 – Quick Update

For those who don’t follow me on Twitter (@iambradstrong) or for those who have not “liked” the #bradstrong Golfs Against Cancer Facebook page, here are the latest lab results:

My IGg proteins are stable.  We haven’t gotten the M Spike back.  BUT THE BIG NEWS OF THE DAY is that my Kappa Chain Proteins were cut in half!  HALF!  This is really great news since after throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the Myeloma my numbers hadn’t moved.

The Kappa chains are also the measurement that correlates most with my symptoms so the lower they measure the better I should feel.

Don’t get too excited.  The Kappas are still high (really high) but they were down by over one half.  I will take it for sure.


8 responses to “1/30/15 – Quick Update

  1. I know we shouldn’t go spiking the football just yet so how about a high five for this bit of positive news. So happy to hear!!!

  2. We have never met – but I have followed your fight through contacts and facebook. You are an amazingly strong inspirational individual who has reminded me over and over to appreciate the small incidentals and celebrate all successes along the way – small and large. Every moment counts – I keep you and your family in my thoughts – and include you “bradstrong coustan” in my misheberach list. Stay the fighting course you have so many more followers than you know throwing healing strengthening vibes your way everyday. It’s Shabbas – followed by Super Bowl followed by Monday – you are almost there. Warmly –

  3. You got this, for sure!!! So glad things are moving in the right direction. It is wonderful to see small things to this extent and feel so great!!!

  4. Bradley, Michael and I are keeping you in our hearts and prayers ( I am old enough to still believe in the power of prayer). Let’s hope all the news in the future is positive.

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