1/8/15 – Flush It … Next Play

I have been coaching Victors basketball team (on and off cancer permitting) for the better part of four years up until this one when I had to give up the reins. For four years we had a saying for our boys. FLUSH IT!

What does that mean? It means you can’t change what just happened. You made a mistake. Your guy scored. Forget about it. Make the next play count. FLUSH IT from your memory and get on with the game happening now. Make a difference starting NOW!

If you are going to win, you have to play with confidence. The same holds true with cancer. You always have to believe you are going to win. ALWAYS!

We came in for the T-Cell Harvest on Tuesday. The scheduled plan was to see Dr. G, get some bloodwork done and have a relatively quiet day back to NJ and come back the next afternoon for the harvest.

And as we said before the best laid plans of mice and men …

My hemoglobin was too low to harvest so they admitted me to the hospital, gave me a couple of (four) bags of blood and then we did the harvest Thursday morning.

The good news is that we collected MORE THAN ENOUGH cells so we are back on track. I started my PACE chemo last night and will receive four consecutive days of that along with five days of radiation on the femur starting Monday.

My Myeloma numbers continue to improve. The M Spike has stabilized which is great because it had been going up pretty rapidly over the last few months. I am confident that with this next round of PACE we will further trend downward, albeit slowly. Dr. G said that of the four patients in the CART 19 trial, the ones with the heaviest disease burdens have performed the best.

So let’s talk about Dr. G – he came around for a visit yesterday afternoon and said something very interesting. He said try and write down everything you’ve been through and all of the mini battles and encounters you have faced. Especially over the last six months. It’s a lot! OK … So I keep a blog. I’ve written it down. What’s the point? The POINT is … that here we are. And no matter how many times we have fallen down we have risen to the challenge every single time and are STILL – despite it all – on the same track we started on for the transplant. Challenge? FLUSH IT. Low hemoglobin/platelets? FLUSH IT! Rod in my femur? FLUSH IT!

What’s the old saying? It’s not how many times you fall, it’s how many times you get back up again. FLUSH IT!

This post is dedicated to a few people that have been tremendous supporters – especially over the past few days.

My friend, Joe, who drove me down to Philly on Tuesday and got a longer day than he bargained for. He also had to tolerate my crankiness as Tuesday and Wednesday were the worst I have felt since diagnosis.

To Helene who helped me keep getting back up again this week – even at times when I didn’t want to or didn’t have the strength to.

To all the guys I have coached with over the years – Mike O, Brian, Mike G and Ron – Keep winning and keep FLUSHIN’ IT

And to all of you. Please note that I have received all of you texts, emails and calls over the past few days but given my lack of strength just have not been able to return them. I apologize but please know I appreciate them all.

18 responses to “1/8/15 – Flush It … Next Play

  1. Oh I love when you post like this! You really strengthen all of us when you do this. Like the Doc says, look what you have been thru and you strength and determination is going to get you right back up to knock this Cancer in its butt. Love you babe!xo

  2. Feel good, buddy. Glad things are moving in the right direction. Your attitude and approach have been – and will keep being – a big edge for you.

  3. WE ❤️ YOU BRAD!! Stay strong and keep on fighting! You are truly an inspiration to all of us!

  4. Our new Yogi Berra. BROGI?? You are indomitable. And your words will continue to teach and coach long after you win your fight with cancer. Lucky us to get to hear them and let them mold our days. Xoxo

  5. Michael and I pray that you do well and get the hoped for result. We never need you to reply to us since saving strength and energy for the continuing battle is so much more important. We are sending you positive mental energy. Keep fighting the good fight!

  6. Keep keeping on Brad! We are here to support you any way we can! Sending love and positive healing thoughts! Xo

  7. You totally got this! What an amazing spirit and role model you are Brad. Your support system of friends and family is a testament to you and Helene. Fight the fight!

  8. Great column. Glad to see things moving on. It seems with this disease there is always something. We are headed to Penn on Friday with our daughter. Just like you she keeps getting hit with new problems but always gets back up. You continue to be an inspiration to us.

  9. Brad, you are such an inspiration. Keep your head up and never give up – you will beat this and be back to coaching your son’s team in no time!

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