12/31/14 – Going Home

After a long day we are finally in the car on the way home.

I was told I was being discharged at 9:45 and didn’t actually get out until 4:00!

But the SILVER LINING is that we are on our way home. My leg is in an extreme amount of pain but I am working through it to put more and more pressure on it each time I walk.

Grateful to spend New Years with Helene. Grateful to all of those who read, text, comment and email. May this year be a year of health and happiness for all.


22 responses to “12/31/14 – Going Home

  1. Happy New Year my friend! Glad you will be home tonight! Keep up the good fight and blessings for a fantastic 2015!

  2. May the new year bring happiness and good health to the Coustan Clan!! We would really like to see you walking down the path to a full recovery!!
    With love
    The Buchalter’s.

  3. Let this be the year you kill the cancer. Glad you are home and on the mend. Hopefully I will see you soon. Happy New Year Brad!

  4. Happy new year brad and Helene. Your courage never fails to inspire!! Stay bradstrong. Sending love and prayers. Xoxo

  5. Home sweet home-just where you should be…wishing you, Helene and your wonderful kids a happy and HEALTHY new year. Love David, Stacy, Matthew and Benjamin

  6. So glad that the surgery is over and you’re on your way home. Wishing you, Helene and the kids a very happy and HEALTHY new year!! Thinking of you always; sending you love and strength across the miles. xoxo

  7. So glad you’re going home, Brad. Happy New Year to you and the whole family. May 2015 bring you all much health and happiness.

  8. Happy to know the surgery is behind you. Better days ahead in 2015. Happy and healthy. Arlene and Marty Lewis

  9. Happy 2015, Brad, Helene and kids! We love you and are thinking of you always! Lori, Doug, Alec and Skittles Royalton III

  10. Wishing you a happy and healthy new year. We are so glad to hear that you got back home for New Year’s and that you’re back on the road to recovery.

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