12/30/14 – Surgery

Surgery successful. I have embraced the rod. FINALLY!

More to follow but wanted to get a quick message out.

Feeling great. All is well.


19 responses to “12/30/14 – Surgery

  1. A Rod? Rod Serling? Rod Carew? Dennis Rodman? Oh, THE Rod!!! Glad all went well!! Have a great New Year!!!

  2. THANK G-D! One step at a time. Let 2015 be a great year for you and your family.
    With love, Charlotte and Harvey

  3. Thanks for the update. Keep your spirit up. All are pulling for you. Much love for the new year.
    Rochelle Golen

  4. Oh what a relief it is.!!! To a great New Year for you and those you love. Another battle won. Sending love and hugs. Joni and Jeff

  5. Anxiously waited to hear from you! Great news. Sending love and energy for you all in the new year. Nadine and Dean and all the Schachts

  6. Glad that part has been taken care of and you don’t have to worry so much about a break! You are my hero – always fighting back with such a great attitude. I recently had a person very close to me (in charlotte) diagnosed, and he went through a stem cell transplant. I have been so thankful for your blog and information! You are always on my prayer list as you kick cancer’s tail!! Happy New Year! Candace (Wachovia with Bernie)

  7. That is the way to start the New Year. Keep fighting the fight. We are with you with much love and prayers.

  8. Glad that it is over! Now to slay the myeloma! Best wishes in 2015! May it be a healthy one for you!

  9. Great news!! So glad to hear the surgery went well! Happy healthy new year to all of you! We had the best time with your adorable and sweet kids! Hope to see you all soon!! Xoxo

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