12/22/14 – Here We Go Again!

Helene and I drove down to Philly today to do all the pre testing for tomorrow’s surgery. EKG was fine. Everything fine – except – my platelets are still really low. Dr. W, the surgeon, is just not comfortable doing the surgery with my platelets being so low. So … the plan is to give me some platelets today and reschedule the surgery for same time next week.

Surgery now scheduled for 12/30. One more week of the walker. One more week of no weight bearing on my left leg. One more week to wait.

On one hand, I am disappointed that we can’t fix this now. I hate taking the extra risk of walking around on the leg. On the other hand, I am happy that the docs made the decision to play it safe with the platelet count. The last thing I need is to bleed to death in the operating room after fighting Cancer for two years!

A minor inconvenience. We drove 90 minutes for some blood tests. Big Effin’ Deal! Onward toward 12/30. We will fix the leg then.

Everything else remains on track. We did the Myeloma bloodwork today so I will keep everyone posted on how the numbers shake out in a few days.


5 responses to “12/22/14 – Here We Go Again!

  1. To Helene, Ava, Victor and you. We wish that 2015 will bring you a well deserved recovery. Keep kicking that cancer out of the ballpark and out of your lives Stay strong We are all with you!!!!!!! Love to all

  2. This is the time of the year for miracles and I believe you will be first in the lineup to get yours…….enjoy your beautiful family at home until S-day. Lots of good thoughts being sent to you for 20l5!!! Much love, Cousin Ruth

  3. Patience. Strength. Courage. All signs of a mensch. So you are a mensch that’s been benched a few more days. It will be worth the wait. Then forward once more xoxo

  4. Hi Brad. I’ve been following your smblig for about a year now. My dad has MM so that is how I joined this family and caught on to your story. I’m expecting my first baby next month, and today a cashier at the store asked me to pray for her son because women who are expecting are like angels and God listens closer to them. I’m Jewish, not very religious, and I’ve never heard of this before but if I have any chance at putting in a good word, my prayers are going to you this holiday season. Wishing you and your family all good things for the new year, you definitely seem to deserve it!

  5. After we met briefly as you were checking out yesterday, it dawned on me that I did not think to THANK YOU and your family/friends for all your efforts to raise money for research. I wish I had. And to tell you I am praying for your smooth, successful surgery next week. God speed!

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