12/17/14 – Hurry Up and Wait!

Not much new to report since I came home from the hospital.  I feel great.  My cold is probably on the back end. Coughing hasn’t stopped but is much, much better.  As far as my blood counts go, I have them checked every Monday and Thursday at Overlook (local hospital) and so far, so good.  My calcium is normal and the creatinine (kidney function), although not normal yet, is much lower than last week when I was admitted.  The only rub is that my platelets were REALLY low.  They gave me two bags on Monday and hopefully that will do the trick.  I am not getting bloody noses anymore which is a good sign.

Other than that I am trying to keep busy without leaving the house which is TOUGH!  I can’t really go anywhere because my leg is at a 90% chance of a fracture so I need to stay off it as much as possible.  Getting in and out of the car is nearly impossible so I limit that to getting my labs twice per week.  I have a walker that I move around the house with.  I’m getting pretty good at it.  The dog is a little freaked but she is getting used to it as well.  I think she likes having me home so much.


Outside of that, trying to stay organized at work.  Communicate with my clients as best as I can without seeing them.  We are having a great month so maybe staying away from them is the BEST thing I can do!

Many thanks to everyone who sent meals over and came to visit last week.  Especially thanks to my parents (all four of them!) who flew in and were a tremendous help with the kids, the house and me.  We appreciate your support!  I know the kids enjoyed the time.  Helene and I believe that we should keep visitors to a minimum for the next week so I can go to Penn for the surgery at full strength.  The surgery is scheduled for Tuesday 12/23.  We are going to head to Philadelphia with the kids the day before on Monday for the pre-testing.  Helene will drop me off and then go have fun with the kids in Philly for the day.  On Tuesday I am the first procedure so 6:00AM arrival.  It should only be one night in the hospital so home on the 24th.

Until then, we just hope things stay quiet.  As I said in my last post, Myeloma has given me everything, every symptom, thrown the book at me.  It is my turn to fight back!


8 responses to “12/17/14 – Hurry Up and Wait!

  1. Looks like you will start the new year w/ the same #bradstrong attitude that you’ve maintained during this year. Wishing you and your family all good things…much happiness and GOOD HEALTH! WHEN you are better this summer, promise me you will play a round of golf w/ me. Check out Blackrock Country Club in Hingham, Ma. Consider it a date!!! Stay strong man 🙂

  2. Brad… We’ve probably once met once at josh and Whitney’s wedding, I’m Josh’s mom..but I have been following your blog. Your mental strength and attitude are inspiring and I’m sure the support of your family and friends gets you through many days. Just wanted you to know my husband and I are sending lots of prayers and energy your way as you approach this battle that you’re in with cancer. I have battled the disease and won and know you will do the same!

  3. The Cr will continue to slowly trend downward. Hydration is king.
    Surgeon advice….based on many rescheduled procedures this winter…Keeping the house on the emptier side is very important to minimize your exposure to respiratory viruses that will get your surgery delayed. You are going to do great!

  4. I pray that the surgery goes well on Tuesday.
    Tell your wife to head towards City Hall with the kids. There is an ice skating rink there. Across from City Hall is a Christmas village with lots of vendors. At 17th and JFK, is the Comcast building with a fun Christmas video playing in the lobby. Across from City Hall on the east side is Macy’s where the Holiday light show plays and is a well known event that most people in Philly get to at least once in their life.
    All the best to you and your family as you meet the challenges of the coming weeks.

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