12/4/14 – Changing Course …. Again

Welp . . . came in for transplant, discovered a viral pneumonia. Put the femur surgery on hold until I get stronger physically. Discovered the pneumonia was probably nothing more than a bad cold. NOW … will be admitted to University of Pennsylvania Hospital for four straight days of chemo. This will be a cocktail like the back pack regimen but a little more tailored to my needs and what worked previously.

The Cancer is raging away. Basically, the back pack worked but for some reason Dr. J took me off of it and moved on to a different drug which had no effect on the Cancer and may have damaged my kidneys as well.

When I got here on Monday, my calcium was high and my creatinine – or kidney measurements – were out of control. In the last few days my calcium is now normal and my creatinine has plateaued and started downward.

So, after all of that I am healthy enough for chemo.

The infusion starts today and goes through Monday! What a weekend I have planned!

Thanks for your support and caring. Love you all.


21 responses to “12/4/14 – Changing Course …. Again

  1. silver lining, it’s not pneumonia and you are getting back on track. your kidneys will bounce back. be well, hang in there and stay strong. we got FF playoffs to keep you occupied.

  2. Always thankful for your posts, my husband is 54 and has much the same kind if mm as you do. Stay strong and know we are praying for you. Thanks for keeping us updated and for being so rest,!
    Shelly Schimmel, michigan

  3. I am a myeloma patient treated at UPenn and a fan of your blog. Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery. Terry, Haddonfield, NJ

  4. Always thinking of you. Hang in there. Sending positive thoughts your way. I keep thinking about Rocky fighting the Russian Ivan Drago. You are Rocky and Cancer is Ivan Drago. Though it’s a tough fight, I believe you will win. I truly, truly do. Praying hard for you and your family. xoxoxox

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