12/2/14 – Delaying the Rod … For Now

Written by my beloved – the next step in caregivery!

Hello Bradstrong followers. It is Helene, reaching out to thank you for your ongoing support and to keep you up on the latest details. My writing is not eloquent like Brad’s, more matter if fact however, I’m certain Brad will be writing again soon.

So, it turns out we are not going to embrace the rod just yet. Brad caught a bad cold and cough over the weekend. So yesterday when he came to Penn for pre-testing, they admitted him. His kidney and calcium levels were high and he had a tough time breathing. After CT scan and x-ray, doctors confirmed that Brad has a viral pneumonia. So, they’re treating the symptoms with oxygen, fluids and blood transfusions. Then, when his kidney and calcium levels are back on track, they’re going to administer the PACE chemo instead of fixing the femur at this time. Looks like the myeloma needs the most attention right now.

Brad will be at Penn until at least the end of the week or to be determined by doctors after seeing how he progresses in the next day or so. Them he will be home, then harvest the T-cells, fix the femur and then the transplant. If only it was that easy. Yes, the road a head is mapped out and he is still on it. We are hopeful this is just a little bump on his road to healthy living.

I can’t say enough to thank you for your outpouring, gracious, calls and texts asking for ways to help. We are communicating our needs through the Lotsa Helping Hands – http://www.lotsahelpinghands.com website under Bradstrong’s Helpers. Right now we are unsure how the next week will shake out, but most importantly, Brad is getting stronger each day. We are confident in Brad’s team at Penn and we know he’s in good hands.

Love you all so much and your support means the world to us.

Helene and Brad

14 responses to “12/2/14 – Delaying the Rod … For Now

  1. You two are such a formidible team as you soldier on together.
    Sending lots of love and support.

  2. Dear Helene and Brad,
    What brave souls you are – marching on even when the music changes. Please know that we are thinking of you and wishing you well. Take care of each other as you have been doing during this awful time. Is there anything we can do from here? We are available.

    Love and hugs to all, Uncle Herb & Aunt Roberta

  3. We’re thinking of you every moment and are glad that David Goldberg has been able to be a friendly face. Love, Cindy and Rick

  4. Thanks for the update. Was wondering how things were going. Sending lotsa love and prayers your way. xoxo Ann & family

  5. Sending more and more energy your way.Lots of love to 2 strong and brave young people. Keep thinking those positive thoughts.
    Dean and Nadine

  6. I’m thinking of Brad and your whole family, and sending postive energy your way. Everything is going to be great once you get past this bump in the road.

  7. We can imagine Your family picking up the pace,fighting the fight. Your strength and courage is formidable as you beat cancer. You are the generals and with an army of your soldiers following you and supporting you this battle will be WON. Sending love hope and prayers Joni & Jeff. HELENE you express yourself beautifully and we are all grateful for the update

  8. Thanks for sharing the good news! We all love you and support you. Xo
    Terrific post by Helene Buckeye Coustan!!

  9. Great job Helene. I hope someday I get to meet you. Your bravery and fortitude are equal only to the rest of your family. Keeping you all in my thoughts as you stay Bradstrong.

  10. Thank you for the update Helene. Your strength is extraordinary. I am sending positive vibes for Bradstrong.

  11. We are here for you, Helene and the kids…anything you might need…we got it covered! Please let us know when or how we can help! xo

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