11/19/14 – Femur? Darn Nearly Killed Her

That is the punch line to an old joke. But today I am not in a joking kind of mood. After having the back pain for the last couple of weeks I finally got in for an MRI. It showed a new lesion in my femur. Although it isn’t particularly big or threatening according to Dr. J, it is in a tricky spot.

He wants me to go see an Orthopedic Surgeon to determine whether or not they need to place a rod in my femur to prevent a fracture. Just what I need! Last night I had a CT scan of the area to check the bone density. If the bone is strong, I won’t need the rod. However, if the bone is weak around the lesion, we may need that surgery.

As I prepare to have my second transplant, this is the LAST thing that I need! What I have learned in my nearly two year battle with Multiple Myeloma is that you can’t TIME Cancer. It just happens. AND – it happens at it’s own pace. CONVENIENCE is not a word that Cancer understands.

It seems that at the beginning, things were falling my way. Treatments were fairly easy. The numbers indicated that those treatments were successful. I didn’t miss a beat at work. I got to coach the kids’ teams.

Now? The past month or so I was just getting my groove back. Work appointments have been full of energy. I was even staying up past nine o’clock on some nights!

When I had my first transplant I was able to schedule it around MY schedule. I was able to have it when it would cause the least disruption in my life. This upcoming one will need to be done on Cancer’s terms.

And that is the frustrating thing. Cancer is now dictating MY schedule. Not the other way around.

So today I meet with the surgeon. I am looking to all of you for positive thoughts so we can AVOID THE ROD.

Tomorrow I go back to University of Pennsylvania to begin the pre transplant testing. On the advice of my brilliant brother in law Jeff, we are going to push them to move the schedule up. There isn’t a drug that is holding me right now. Myeloma is raging through my body. I have a new lesion on the femur. The best thing for me would be to get into transplant quickly and let THAT take care of the bone lesion in the femur. AVOID THE ROD!

And actually there is a SILVER LINING in all of that as well. If I can get in to Penn by mid December, and if my recovery time is the same as the last transplant, I will miss minimal work time again. The kids will be in Florida visiting Grandma and Grandpa for one of the weeks so that will keep some pressure off Helene as well.

I will keep everyone up to date over the next few days on the outcomes. As always, it is a great day to fight Cancer. I just need a momentum shift. AVOID THE ROD. AVOID THE ROD. AVOID THE ROD.


16 responses to “11/19/14 – Femur? Darn Nearly Killed Her

  1. As always, you and your family are in our prayers Brad! We will beef up our prayers to “spare you the rod” and for this transplant to kick cancers a$$!

  2. This is where we say “Drink your milk” and I will add “take your calcium supplements”. Seriously Brad, as you know this is a marathon vs a sprint. You have fought and won before. You will do it again.
    Positive thoughts your way.

  3. BC – keeping the faith buddy. For your chant at the end, maybe something a bit shorter for even more momentum?:
    “A-ROD A-ROD A-ROD !!!!!”

  4. Dear Brad, we are thinking positive thoughts with every waking hour and while asleep. Only you could find a silver lining at this moment. Keep fighting.

    Hugs, Uncle Herb & Aunt Roberta

  5. Sending you good thoughts and positive energy! Chanting as I write this: Avoid The Rod! Avoid The Rod! Avoid The Rod! Avoid The Rod! Avoid The Rod! Avoid The Rod! Avoid The Rod! Avoid The Rod!

    -there also has to be a good Arod joke in here, but will leave it to you on that one. B well!

  6. Thank you for your honesty and strength. What is your hebrew name as well as your mothers hebrew name. Praying for your complete and speedy recovery. Cheers,

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