11/19/14 – #AvoidTheRod

Unfortunately, it looks like we did not avoid the rod. The surgeon is very concerned about a fracture. It seems minimal. 2-3 days in hospital. Short recovery he said.

We will discuss with the doctors at Penn tomorrow and decide how to proceed.

No decisions until tomorrow afternoon earliest but I will keep everyone posted.

In the mean time, how ya like my new shorts?


9 responses to “11/19/14 – #AvoidTheRod

  1. Oh so many words, but let’s go with sexy! I love that thru all of this you continue to make us and yourself laugh. Keep fighting my friend!

  2. Brad,

    You continue to be such an inspiration for me. I look forward to your updates (good, bad & indifferent) like so many others as we stand beside you and cheer you on! Your posts especially those focused on your wife and precious children are the most inspiring. I think of you often my friend and today is no exception.

    Sending positive vibes from the windy city:)


  3. Love the shorts! You are the cutest!! Thinking of you and your beautiful family and praying for you every day! xoxoxo

  4. Is that the new “business casual” attire? lolol. Another rock blocking the road! Another challenge you will need to overcome. And you will!

  5. 1 step at a time let the doctors dictate the schedule 4 transplant
    I have had 2 in 2010 then shingles then nueropathy
    You just got to moving forward and readjust
    Stay Strong

  6. Love the outfit!! Not happy to hear about rod. You so don’t need any more of this!! Thank you again for your amazing blog.

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