11/14/14 – Imagine

Friday afternoon. I am feeling really good this week.  Back pain still prominent although not so much today.  Probably has to do with the fact that I had treatment yesterday and got Dex (the steroid) which helps with the pain.  Now that it is wearing off today the pain is coming back.

Had a great week.  Work is busy.  Lots of great meetings this week and I believe we are poised as a company to capture big market share in the coming months so that is exciting.

I got to have dinner yesterday with my brother from another mother Chuck Coustan – yes, I know he prefers Charles these days but I am still trying to get over the move from Charlie to Chuck so … give me some time to process the whole Charles thing.  Anyway it was great to see him.  Always glad to catch up an have a great meal and a bourbon.  Charles (Chuck) and his wife Hillary have been so supportive and encouraging of their son Eli, who I wrote about in earlier posts and his dedication to raising money for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

Speaking of which – I think I found the perfect chemo cocktail last night – Velcade, Dex and Bourbon.  I will have to make that a weekly event.

Also, today, a group called Imagine here in New Jersey made and debuted a video of our family.  Imagine (taken from their website – imaginenj.com) is a free year-round grief support center that currently serves 204 grieving children every two weeks in our peer support groups and has provided training and education for over 2,150 teachers, parents, coaches, youth and other adults in 2014 alone.  

Their mission is to support people coping with loss and foster resiliency and emotional well being for all those who grieve.

Although I am not dead yet (to quote the famous Monty Python movie) we filmed a Q&A session about dealing with a Cancer diagnosis.  I am really proud of the outcome – especially the honest heartfelt comments from the kids and Helene.  I even learned a little more about their feelings from this.  It is about 25 minutes long so view it only if you have the time.

I also learned from browsing the Imagine website that I have a lot of friends on the board and a lot of friends who support this worthy organization financially.  I am proud to be associated with this project.  We got really good feedback on it.

Here is the video:

I hope that worked!  First time I have imbedded video into the blog.  I paid for that upgrade!

Anyway – as I said – I feel good, I have good energy (although my hemoglobin count still remains low) and am looking forward to the weekend with the family.  Hope you all are too!

It is another GREAT day to fight Cancer!

11 responses to “11/14/14 – Imagine

  1. Hi Coustans – my name is Corey and I am the graduate intern at Imagine. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I loved every minute of it.

  2. I was at the Imagine Conference today and saw your family’s video. I was deeply moved and touched by your candor, honesty and courage. Thank you for sharing your story and yourselves. Many blessings to you today and always.

  3. I read every single Blog post, but this video was incredible. You guys are such a huge contribution to so many people. Thank you for being so generous & real!
    Love, Cousin Jilly

  4. Very well done and heartfelt. My first instinct was to tell you how your kids seemed to have inherited their parents’ strength but on reflection, I think they are somehow the strongest of you all. Keep on keeping’ on!

  5. Dear Brad, Just so you know, I still call him “Chuckles!” Keep you the great attitude – we’re with you. Hugs, Uncle Herb & Aunt Roberta

  6. Every quote, every message and each and every one of you are amazing in this video. It is just crazy how you all make the rest of us better people. Your family is amazing and I love that you all work as a team to put your story out there. Thank you.

  7. I am so grateful that you shared your life with us. The video was truly amazing…thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your are all exceptional people and I am blessed to be apart of your life. LOVE YOU GUYS ❤

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