11/9/14 – The Film

So … they didn’t play my film at the gala. I got usurped by Matt Damon and his dad. It’s OK. I don’t have that kind of star power. And I must say … Damon’s film was really powerful and emotional. Well done!

My film – TOUGH GUY – will debut right here on this blog. And that’s the way it should be. Because my spirit, my toughness, my perseverance doesn’t happen without all of you – the 1000’s of people who read this blog inspire me to be my best every single day. My COMMUNITY. My SUPPORT. My ROCKS!

There is a piece of each and every one of you in this three minute film. I hope you enjoy it. We worked very hard on it and are proud of the outcome.


Special thanks to the MMRF for selecting this tough guy and special thanks to Rick Rabe and the people at the Propeller Group (http://www.thepropellergroup.com) for making this special movie. We are blessed.


28 responses to “11/9/14 – The Film

  1. Great video…great PR for MM! We ARE all living with this awful disease…living for a CURE! Thanks for sharing.

  2. So beautiful and incredible! Can’t say enough beyond being so proud of you, the awareness you are raising and the tireless fight you are giving cancer as you kick its ass!!! Much love, hugs and admiration.


  3. Powerful video! Brad, thanks for giving a voice for all of us with myeloma. We are about the same age and I have a wife and two grade school age kids, ages 10 and 7. I was dx in 2011. I know just where you are coming from. If/when I am down in the dumps, your blog and this video, will surely get me mentally focused. Thank you for making it and for helping all of us! All the best from the Pineys!!!! Terry from Haddonfield, NJ.

  4. Brad, You added me to your email list quite a while ago. I just watched the film. So beautiful. What a family. I love reading your blog. Love the smiles and laughs. My husband has MM, so this helps me a lot. I just changed my email address from wwallis@maine.rr.com to wendwallis@gmail.com. Could you change your records too. Thanks so much. Be well.

  5. Great film…. I am Mom’s friend and I am your supporter. You are fighting for many. You and your family are amazing!

  6. Best film. I loved everything about it. Most of all your words and messages to everyone out here!!!! You are the best “tough guy”.

  7. Uncle Brad
    What an inspirational and beautiful piece. You are truly a tough guy and a champion fighter in my eyes. Pretty good on stage as well. Love always to you and all the Coustan’s. Brother Robert

  8. Uncle Herb & Aunt Roberta are sitting here with tears in our eyes. A beautiful tribute to those who love and support you. You are amazing! With love, we are there with you in your fight.

  9. Thank you for sharing that truly wonderful and inspiring film….it made my day/week/month/year…..so grateful to know someone like you, Brad….you are trully appreciated and we are pulling so hard for you as you conquer this cancer!

  10. Brad- What a beautiful and inspiring film – so thoughtfully done. Left me speechless. Sending much love and admiration. xo Jennifer + Doug

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