11/8/14 – Gala Night

I haven’t written anything in awhile.  I am getting a ton of texts and emails asking for updates so here goes:  I feel – overall – pretty great.  My energy is good even though my hemoglobins are still really low.  Just not transfusion low.  I tolerated the Treanda well.  No major side effects.

The only negative is that I have developed a new pain in my hip.  The same exact thing as when I was diagnosed but only on the other side.  I am noticeably limping now.  I am back to holding on to the dresser when I put my pants on and getting in and out of the car is increasingly more difficult.

OK – nothing I haven’t been through before.  I will get the area scanned next week and we will come up with a plan to treat it.

The good news is that is hasn’t affected my daily load.  Work continues to be busy.  Family life the same.  Victor’s baseball season is over for the fall but Ava has two soccer games this weekend.  Helene and I are also attending the MMRF annual gala tonight in Greenwich, CT.

The MMRF – which you all know because that is who we raise money for in our #bradstrong Golfs Against Cancer campaign and golf outing – is tireless in their efforts to find a cure for Myeloma.  I am so proud to be associated with this organization and I am especially proud and excited to spend the night with donors, doctors and patients – all who work relentlessly for the benefit of the Multiple Myeloma community.  It is a great comfort to know that I am backed by such a powerful support system.

Also tonight is the debut of the film we made on behalf of the MMRF this past summer.  Of course, they won’t show the whole film but I am excited because tomorrow I will be able to share a link on the blog to that film.  Helene, the kids and I are very proud of it.  The agency who made the film did terrific work in capturing our family and our support system – you all – the ones who read the blog, comment, text, email or phone me and my community, whose spirit gives me hope and strength.

So tonight – we PARTY – heck – I may even have a Bourbon.  Tomorrow we can watch the film.

For more information on the MMRF you can click here.  There is a great silent auction you can participate in to raise money or you can click here to donate to the MMRF through our #bradstrong organization.


4 responses to “11/8/14 – Gala Night

  1. Have a great time tonight–looking forward to seeing the clip of the film when u post it!! Thinking of u all the time! xoxox

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