10/8/14 – Here’s Where We Stand

Many of you have asked for an update on my progress. Generally I don’t write “just to write” something but here goes:

After getting the backpack off last week I went through 3 or 4 days of feeling very weak and tired. The chemo cocktail wreaked havoc on my red blood cells. My hemoglobin was as low as it had ever been. I spent a good portion of the weekend sleeping. I even went upstairs during Yom Kippur break the fast on Saturday night to take a short nap. By Sunday afternoon I was feeling like myself again.

Dr. J said that I would probably bottom out Tuesday or Wednesday (today) but I think I got through that earlier. Good thing because I have a couple of busy work days in front of me.

Even with the low hemoglobin I managed to muddle through appointments at work. I think I had some productive meetings which makes me feel good.

Going forward I am supposed to have my blood work done every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We set this up in New Jersey so I wouldn’t have to rake into the city three days per week. Thank goodness!

Helene and I went to Labcorp on Monday to do the blood work and it was a shit show. One disaster after another. Not only did they not read the results right away as the prescription was written, they lost one of the vials of blood! Here we are on Wednesday and my doctor still doesn’t have the results of MONDAY’s blood work! All we know is that my platelets were low. No word on hemoglobin. No word on anything else. Good thing I feel well otherwise I don’t know what we would have done.

Today we switch it up and we are going to Overlook Hospital in Summit to do blood work. Thank goodness for the kindness of Dr. L who arranged for that and will read the labs STAT. STAT – a word Labcorp apparently does not know the meaning of. As Helene said, if Labcorp sends us a bill she will go ballistic!

Bottom line is – I feel great. My energy is increasing every day. I am heading into a good period in between cycles that I would like to take advantage of with my family, my work and my friends.

Thanks for checking in everyone.


7 responses to “10/8/14 – Here’s Where We Stand

  1. The Overlook lab is a much better way to go….we used them for the same reason several times. Make sure you get the direct # to the lab just in case your doctor doesn’t get the results STAT as indicated…and get the name of the tech who draws your blood just in case! Good luck 🙂

    • I hope you have some better days! I will be thinking about you and wondering how you do it everyday. It is just amazing!! Feel good

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