9/30/14 – Wires Out – Part 2

So as I mentioned, today I got unhooked from the backpack that infused 96 consecutive hours of chemo in me. WHAT A RELIEF! I was able to finally shower after four days. I actually just stared at myself in the mirror after the shower saying “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” over and over again!

I feel great. The last month has kicked my ass with HD Carfilzomib, radiation and now 96 hours of a cocktail my Myeloma has never seen. The objective is to get my numbers manageable and in the right direction to proceed to one of the options available to me – Penn, Sloan, Mayo.

I can already feel a difference.

Many, many thanks to all of the friends and family who endured my moodiness, my emotional roller coaster and shared my pain and suffering in ways very personal and specific to them.

Special thanks to my friend Lauren Roth – today’s driver and companion. Not only did she drive me in and back but she literally was my Ray Donovan. My fixer. Thanks to Lauren’s relentless phone skills, my time at Mt. Sinai will be split with a local oncologist in Summit at Overlook Hospital. Dr. L, at Overlook was the original oncologist we saw upon diagnosis before choosing our Myeloma specialist Dr. J.

We have set things up at Overlook with Dr. L to have local treatment while Dr. J will continue to quarterback the overall plan in conjunction with Penn, Sloan, etc. It will be a welcome relief to not have the pressure of having to be in Manhattan so much.

So as I have been saying – #betterdaysahead –

Just the ability to shower “wire free” – that little bit of good news today – that things went off without a hitch for the first time in along time – is a true SILVER LINING and a hope that we have turned the corner.

Has Myeloma given me it’s all yet? I don’t know. But I still have plenty of strength left. Plenty of strength in this old dog.


5 responses to “9/30/14 – Wires Out – Part 2

  1. Love you old dog! Glad you took our fearless watch dog with you today! She knows how to get people working FOR her. Time to let our strength support you a little!!!

  2. Thrilled to hear your backpack carrying is done for now…..glad you are feeling better and your fighting spirit is strong….BradStrong!!

    I miss you my friend…

  3. You are an inspiration to others fighting this. Would love to hear what Mayo, Sloan & Penn have planned. Are there different opinions in the course of action. I think you could help others with this info. My daughter just relapsed 18 months after her SCT. She is now doing Carlfisamaub and dex to get her numbers down. There is discussion of what’s next, she is only 35 so long term is important.

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