9/27/14 – Backpack, Backpack

Welp – we finally got it done yesterday. After a week of low blood counts, bad calcium counts and fevers I finally got the Chemo backpack.


In this bag full of Chemo is a cocktail that is supposed to get my numbers under control so we can proceed to the next phase of treatment. My brother in law, Jeff, and I went to Penn on Thursday to consult with doctors there about a very exciting therapy. BUT – first things first.

It actually doesn’t feel that bad. There is a bag of Chemo cocktail inside the backpack attached to a pump which is hooked into the port on my chest. I wear it for 96 consecutive hours. It’s lightweight so I can function with it on AND it’s sporty. I feel like a city girl with my little black backpack.

After the 96 hours we will take my myeloma markers again and hopefully see progress toward remission so we can take the next step at Penn, Sloan Kettering or Mayo Clinic – whichever is right. I have options. That is the important thing.

It feels good to finally have a long term plan. It feels good to be driving toward something real and driving toward something that can give me a nice, long lasting remission. The past few weeks have certainly kicked my butt. Not with pain or sickness but with uncertainty. Every day I woke up to something different.

My strength during the last two years has been my ability to organize the many facets of my life – family, friends, work. I haven’t been able to do that over the past few weeks. Now that I have some certainty back and a long term plan I can incorporate that into my day to day life and that makes EVERYTHING much easier.

Special thanks to my friends Joe and Mike for making the trip to Mt. Sinai with me yesterday. It is so great spending that time with good friends. Again, the trip was longer than we planned but nobody batted an eye. Afterwards we went and had dinner with a bunch of friends. Rosh Hashanah leftovers. Me and my backpack. My new companion for the next 96 hours.

Just like Dora the Explorer. I hope that map inside is a map toward the CURE! Or at least toward REMISSION.



7 responses to “9/27/14 – Backpack, Backpack

  1. Good luck. I am treated at UPenn by Dr. Stadtmauer. I am happy there and it is cutting-edge. You are a great role model for all of us myeloma patients. Best always, Terry from Haddonfield, NJ

  2. You are an amazing guy! It’s an honor to be welcomed in to your world of positive thinking! Rose Dreier is definitely watching you from above and cheering you on!!

  3. Dear Brad, so nice to get an upbeat message – one filled with hope and alternatives. Keep up the good spirits. Hugs – even with the back pack – Uncle Herb and Aunt Roberta

  4. Brad – you would look cute in a Dora backpack, but even better in Hello Kitty. A stud like you could pull it off! Love you, Bud.

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