11 responses to “9/25/14 – Happy Anniversary

  1. Dear Helene & Brad, Happy, happy anniversary. It feels like your wedding was yesterday. Do you remember Grandma Bert asking you to turn down the music? It was a beautiful wedding and we loved every minute of it. Have a great day – two celebrations! WOW! Brad, eat lots of chicken soup – it’s really great medicine.

    Love and our best wishes, Uncle Herb & Aunt Roberta

  2. Happy Anniversary Brad & Helene! We made 44 on August 22. Lenny has had multiple myeloma since he was 67 (he’s 71 now). Will start on new chemo drug on Tues & Wed next week. Numbers went high again (free lite chain numbers) after a 2 year vacation from chemo drugs. Hope it works without side effects!

  3. What a remarkable couple! Helene, I am so proud of you! Brad, you are a hero!
    L’Shana Tova…….
    with lots of love always,

  4. Happy Anniversary! Remember that beautiful celebration. We just celebrated our 50th. Sending more energy to keep you both strong and in love.
    xoxoxNadine and Dean

  5. I hope you were able to celebrate your anniversary big time! My best wishes are for you both to have wonderful things happen in this new year, much improved health, fun trips, sunshiney days and much, much love. Cousin Ruth

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