6/17/14 – I Choose …

POMALYST. The blood came back uneventful so I figure better to start right away. I still don’t believe I have Cancer. I think the numbers are wrong. I start Cycle 13 – Pomalyst/Velcade/Dex Monday.

On another note: Father’s Day has come and gone. Another milestone achieved. Here is what each of my kids posted on Instagram in my honor. God I freakin love them.



And LAST BUT SURELY NOT LEAST today is Helene’s birthday. My caregiver. My wife. Caregivers get lost in the shuffle of the patients but Helene hasn’t left my side from day one. She knows when to push me and when to back off. I could live 1000 years and it wouldn’t be enough time to let her know how much I love her. She is THE ONE IN WHOM MY SOUL DELIGHTS. Forever and ever.


3 responses to “6/17/14 – I Choose …

  1. Love starting my day with a little Coustan Lovefest! Thanks for sharing all that feel good. Feeling grateful to be surrounded by people like you and families like yours. oxox

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