6/9/14 – I Just Can’t Shake This Cancer Thing …

I got my blood results back from Mt. Sinai today and the results were not what I was hoping for.  All of my myeloma numbers were up slightly.  I am not going to speculate on what that all means.  Dr. J will be back in the country next week and I am seeing him Monday afternoon and I will let him interpret the good and the bad.

For those who are interested…

My IGg protein level was 967 which is NORMAL  It is up slightly from April which was 859.  All the other immunofixation numbers (IGa and IGm) are in NORMAL range.

The M Spike is up to .30 from .28 in April.  The goal is ZERO so that is what we wanted to achieve post stem cell transplant (SCT) and did not achieve THUS FAR – notice I said THUS FAR – I still expect to be in COMPLETE REMISSION eventually.  The M Spike was .37 before SCT so it has improved since then.

The worrisome number is the Kappa Light Chain protein level, which if you recall, has been the one that has been on the steadiest rise.  That was up to 43.23 last week from 26.89 in April.  That – to me – is a SIGNIFICANT jump.

As always – I will look to the SILVER LINING in the storm clouds so here are the things I will hang my hat on until my Monday afternoon appointment:

  • Dr. B the radiation oncologist said it would take one to three months to realize the full effects of the radiation on the hip so we may be still dealing with this sanctuary sight plasmacytoma (tumor)
  • Most of the blood markers – although worse since April – are better than they were pre SCT
  • There was some really good things (I think – I am not a doctor) in the pathology report from the hip biopsy.  Things that are considered very good prognosticators from my internet research
  • I feel great.  I am getting into really good shape thanks to the kickboxing, spinning and lifting

Somehow I can’t help but feel I am George Costanza.  I have all of these great things going on in my life.  Work is great.  I was number one in the country last month and I am number one to begin June as well.  I am writing for a sports blog.  I was on the radio last week to discuss football.  My kids are thriving.  Everything is going so well – except I have Cancer.  And I can’t get rid of it.  

Remember when George and Jerry finally get their pilot picked up and George discovers a mole on his body?  He thought that it MUST be Cancer because nothing good ever happens to him.  Then he gets his test results back.  


Funny – maybe that’s just the way it is.  Or as in George Costanza’s case – maybe I just misunderstood.

I am not getting hung up on this.  No sense trying to make sense of any of these numbers until Monday afternoon.  No worries.  I am still fighting.  I am still feeling great.  I look at this as I would a common cold.  I just can’t shake it…




2 responses to “6/9/14 – I Just Can’t Shake This Cancer Thing …

  1. Don’t worry about the numbers keep busy keep exercising your in it for the long run
    I never read to much in to my numbers iam non-secretory only pet scans tell me what’s happening inside me I have had 10 over the last 54 months 2 SCT in 2010
    Stay positive your Strong

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