4/29/14 – Things Are Becoming a Little More Clear

No time for eloquence as I am rushing to get to the Bronx for a Yankee game but here are the results of my visit with Dr. J today:

Blood and Urine as we discussed last week still show a level of disease consistent with level pre transplant.

PET-CT would indicate that disease is still active but HOLD THAT THOUGHT.

BMB (bone marrow biopsy) shows absolutely NO TRACE OF MYELOMA AND NO ACTIVE DISEASE.

Basically the BMB and the PET-CT do not agree.

AFTER FURTHER REVIEW FROM THE REPLAY OFFICIALS and Dr. J going over the PET-CT results with the radiology department the uptick in activity was mostly due to bone fractures healing. The only area of concern is in the LEFT ILIAC BONE which is where the big tumor was in the first place.

Dr. J postulates that this could be the only area of my body right now with active disease and if we radiate that area and get rid of the tumor … wait for it … the blood and urine markers should disappear and should show no more Cancer.

It is just a theory right now and more tests plus radiation need to be done but if this is the case it really is good news.

I will be scheduling these procedures – first a biopsy directly of the tumor area, then radiation, then more blood work to confirm. So … NO CHEMO FOR NOW. NO DEX FOR NOW. A lot of work and a lot of hope over the next two weeks that this scenario plays out.

Also note that patients with “contained” disease have typically very good performance in remission. TYPICALLY.

The fight ain’t over but as I said Cancer picked in the wrong guy.

Off to see the Yanks! I will philosophize later for those who want to read it.


2 responses to “4/29/14 – Things Are Becoming a Little More Clear

  1. Boy Cancer didn’t know who it was up against. It seems to be down for the count!!! YEA!!! Keep that spirit going as you keep everyone infused with your great attitude. Love you Joni and Jeff.

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