4/27/14 – My Good Fortune

I spent the entire weekend battling a cold. Fever, sore throat, chills. I missed a lot of great events like baseball games, soccer tournaments and a special presentation that Ava did today at Temple. I literally was in bed all weekend until this afternoon. I have (still) no voice but I am feeling much better than I did Friday and Saturday.

I never think Cancer is beating me until I have a cold. It takes so much out of me to fight these things – and – you know – NO ONE really ever dies from Multiple Myeloma. They die from the side effects – fractures, kidney or organ failure and yes – INFECTION. So when I get a cold or a sore throat that knocks me out for a few days I wonder how much my compromised immune system can take. Fortunately, I am off Chemo (for now) and my WBCs are back to normal after transplant so I can fight pretty well but it still takes a lot out of me.

My SILVER LINING of the weekend was that I DID get out to Ava’s last soccer game. It was rough standing out there and not being able to cheer like normal but the girls made a great comeback. Then were down 1-3 and scored two goals in the final minutes to end in a 3-3 tie.

The other SILVER LINING came from my fortune cookie at dinner:


I am always so grateful for friends and family that read the blog and support my journey. Thanks to everyone that pitched in to help Helene this weekend getting the kids around from activity to activity. But I was especially touched by how meaningful this fortune was when I thought about our golf outing. I was going through the registrations/donations today and was struck by how many people are coming and by how far they will travel to be here. FRIENDS LONG ABSENT … not just friends from our community or friends from work. FRIENDS LONG ABSENT … means friends from all phases of my life. FRIENDS LONG ABSENT … means friends from Chicago, friends from DC, friends from New York City, from Randolph, from Minnesota, from Boston. I can’t help but look at that long donation list and feel humbled that so many would support this great cause. THANK YOU FRIENDS!

You can learn more about the event by clicking the #bradstrong Golfs Against Cancer button on the menu at the top of the page.

Off to see Dr. J Tuesday for bone marrow biopsy results and next steps for treatment. It’s going to be a great day to fight Cancer – as they all are.

One response to “4/27/14 – My Good Fortune

  1. Brad, Helene Ava and Victor You continue to inspire all who know you. Your family is amazingly strong .. We have a dear friend who is fighting Lymphoma and we quote you all the time. We know you will both Beat Cancer. You both have unbelievable spirits. Keep fighting !!!!! We send love and prayers. Joni and Jeffrey

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