4/21/14 – We’ve Got Some Work Left To Do

Got some chicken on the bone.  Still haven’t crossed the finish line.  However you want to put it … we’ve got some work left to do.  One of the things I HATE about writing this blog is how to write about the days when things DON’T work out.  I’ve got such a good support system of family, friends, colleagues, readers and Twitter followers that whenever things don’t go my way it is difficult to write because I don’t want to let all of you down.  I’ve said it before many times over – having friends like you make it easy to fight Cancer – BUT it makes it harder to share news that doesn’t push me forward.

Today I met with Dr. J and the report was – in my words – GOOD NOT PERFECT.  Basically my Myeloma numbers indicate that I am right where I was before the stem cell transplant in January.  HUH?  WHAT THE HECK DID I GO THROUGH ALL THAT FOR???  M Spike is at .28, Kappa Chains are a little bit high and the Kappa/Lambda ratio is slightly high as well.  On the bright side (SILVER LINING?) is that all of the immunofixation numbers are normal – the IGg, the IGa and the IGm.  In fact, he said that the slightly high M Spike and the slightly high Kappa number might not even be disease related.  Huh?  More things to ask him about next week.

After blood work we went to the results of the PET-CT scan I did this morning.  Still shows bone lesions in the rib area although they are smaller but still an indication of active disease.  The good news from the PET-CT (ANOTHER SILVER LINING) is that the iliac crest the bone with the biggest tumor at diagnosis is practically healed.  Dr. J showed me pictures that were amazing.  In fact if you look at my blog post from 4/15 of last year you can see the results of my first two scans.  In the first the tumor has punctured the bone and there is no bone left.  In the second picture you can see the bone healing or regenerating.  In today’s scan the picture was of a whole bone.  All together – no holes.  THAT IS GOOD!

All in all in Dr. J’s words he said he was “PLEASED” – PLEASED with what I don’t know?  I am really more confused than pleased but I will take pleased and run with it.

We also did a bone marrow biopsy today which is this ridiculous procedure to extract your marrow from your hip bone – OUCH!!!  Imagine the feeling of someone drilling with a hand drill into your hip bone.  Not particularly fun.  Glad it was only my second one in a year and a half.  Anyway – I get the results of that next week on the afternoon of 4/29 and once we discuss with Dr. J we will set a course for next steps.  Dr. J thinks probably a few cycles of Chemo – like I was on before – Carfilzomib, Revlimid and Dexamethasone (CRD) – as consolidation therapy.  But nothing is set in stone.

Was really hoping to deliver better news today.  We all deserved better!  All in all it is pretty much status quo but in the scheme of going through the transplant I was expecting better.  Much better.  All I know is that I haven’t felt better in two years than I’ve felt these last few weeks – so there!

So thanks for all of your kind notes, texts, emails and phone calls.  I am gearing up to finish this sucker off once and for all.  Cancer picked on the wrong guy.


4 responses to “4/21/14 – We’ve Got Some Work Left To Do

  1. Brad,
    Aunat Roberta and I went to a wonderful docor for a long time.. He once said that if you are feeling beter, you are better! I still belive lthat is true.
    Continue the good fight!.

    We love you,
    Uncle Herb and Aunt Roberta

  2. Darn it Brad…you and my husband are so
    alike (both in age & 17p deletion) except his m-spike was a little bit higher after SCT (0.5) than before (0.4). He was also very frustrated but his m-spike continued to drop after SCT and now has remained stable at around 0.3. He is on maintenance Velcade every other week and has not tried anything else so I’m curious to see what maintanence regimen you are put on (if any). Hang in there and know that it can take awhile for the m-spike to stabilize after SCT, so you may still get to SCR yet.

  3. Keep up the kick-ass attitude!! Let’s raise a glass to positive news for April 29th along with a hot dog, beer and pine tar at Yankees Stadium that night!

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