4/6 – Day +89 (DITKA)

I couldn’t let day +89 pass with paying homage to the legendary Michael Keller Ditka.  Before we get to the tribute … I feel GREAT.  Spent the weekend watching Victor play baseball in a tournament on Staten Island, hung out with Grandma and Grandpa, my brother Craig, my sister in law Lauren my nephews Drew and Reed and the whole extended family.  It was great being together.  I cherish those moments.

Now for the Ditka tribute.  Mike Ditka was tough.  He took on all comers.  He took on opposing defenses.  He took on George Halas, Buddy Ryan and in this great video he took on Johnny Morris.  Watch until the end.  The look on Mike Tomczak’s face is priceless!


Ditka could beat Cancer into submission.  Even with a perm and a sweater vest, Ditka was tough.


One response to “4/6 – Day +89 (DITKA)

  1. LOL. Classic…you didn’t prepare me though for the fact that Da Coach didn’t have pants on! Keep feeling good!

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