3/28 – Reality Check (Day +79)

I haven’t written in awhile and although I don’t like to write just to write – I know some people begin to wonder what is happening with me, my progress and my battle when I don’t write on a regular basis.

Actually things are going along swimmingly.  I feel GREAT – although sometimes have some twinges that remind me Cancer could be lurking.  Of course we won’t know if the transplant actually worked until my appointment with Dr. J on April 21st but those twinges are there and they are telling me to stay the course, think positively and keep on keeping on.  I don’t know if they are bone lesions forming or just regular soreness from working out.  By the way – I have been hitting it hard in the gym.  Kickboxing a couple days a week, lifting a couple days a week and spinning one day a week.  That is the new regimen.  And being off of Chemo for the last 79 days makes it that much better.

So life is REGULAR.  Last night I had dinner with three great friends.  I had a martini.  We shared some wine.  We talked about our kids.  We talked about our wives (with great affection only of course!) and we talked about sports.  And we laughed.  And laughed.  And laughed some more.  And for the night – it was REGULAR.  I wasn’t a guy with Cancer but I was a friend.  I was a REGULAR guy eating a REGULAR dinner with friends.  The way my life would have been all along if Cancer never came.  The way my life should be for the next 40 or 50 years.  But the REALITY is … it won’t be that way.  Multiple Myeloma has no cure.  And although I am confident we will find one in the near future – the REALITY is that I have an incurable Cancer and since December of 2012 my life is and always will be significantly different than it might have been.

But what is REALITY?  I was scrolling (trolling) through Facebook the other day and caught a post from an old friend Darryl Rosen.  Darryl is a successful businessman and now a business coach.  This is what he wrote:

Reality is something we should consider, but let’s not embrace it like a long-lost relative. I have 3 reasons.

1) Most of what we consider to be “real” – doesn’t even happen.
2) When our focus is on “keeping it real” we run from problem instead of solving problems.
3) You can’t solve problems in a negative state because the chemicals floating around in your brain won’t supply enough creativity to let it happen.

So, instead of keeping it “real”, keep it “positive” and there will be a greater chance that reality won’t bite you in the backside.

Well said Darryl!  Well said.  For now – I will enjoy the regularity of my days and nights and continue to keep it positive.  I continue to find the SILVER LINING in life each and every day.  Yesterday that SILVER LINING was my friends – Geltzeiler, Schachter and Weinstock.  Thanks for the laughs and the love gentlemen.  Looking forward to our next get together.

I hope everyone likes the new #bradstrong website!  The redesign also includes a bunch of new stuff including no ads and a new domain name bradstrong.me.

AND – don’t forget to click on the #bradstrong Golfs Against Cancer link to sign up for the golf outing, sponsor the event or one of the 18 holes or just donate.  Your dollars go a long way toward finding a cure!

Thank you!

One response to “3/28 – Reality Check (Day +79)

  1. So happy you guys had a great night!! Mark was hurting this am!! Looking forward to seeing u at the golf outting!! xoxox

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