3/20 – March Madness

My two favorite days of the year! If you love college basketball the first round games are the very best days of the year for you. I have so many great memories of these two days.

Spending it with friends (Brian and Goldie) and finding some interesting ways to win (or lose) money. You know, if gambling was legal.

Spending it with colleagues and clients like last year when I co-hosted a March Madness party/open house.

But my favorite March Madness memory was watching it at my Grandma Bea’s house. She lived on Kimball Avenue in Chicago. We didn’t have cable yet. It wasn’t available. So I drove to her house in my gold Nissan Maxima. I sat on the floor in her den and watched every first round game. And BB watched as well. It was one of the best memories I have of her. I ate M&Ms that day – a lot of M&Ms. BB always had a bowl of M&Ms in the den.

And I marked my brackets …

Today I will be working. The first round is no longer a national holiday for me. There aren’t any days off for basketball. BUT – I will be thinking of BB. And marking my brackets.

BB lived into her 90’s. That’s sounds like a good plan for me as well. #bradstrong

IF YOU WANT TO JOIN A BRACKET AND RAISE MONEY FOR BLOOD CANCERS LIKE MYELOMA my friend Matt (mattvsmyeloma.com) or (@MPG61) is running a pool to raise money.




There are 3 ways to pay. 1) If you see me, you can hand me $20. 2) If you prefer writing checks, you can send to Matt Goldman 2137 N Studebaker Rd, Long Beach, CA 90815 or 3) you can pay on Paypal (via your Paypal account, bank account or credt/debit (credit/debit has a .88 cent fee)) My Paypal is under Mattgol@gmail.com Simply check the box that you’re sending money to friend or family.

One response to “3/20 – March Madness

  1. Brad, I guess we have many old ties. I remember Grandma Bea’s m&m bowl, but Today and March Madness is still a holiday for me. Jordan and I celebrate the tournament and your remission. It’s the beginning of lots of silliness and fun for my family. And at the end SPRing will truly be here.!!!!
    Tell me about the pool sooner next year. I have won many thru the years.

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