2/20/14 – Day +44


Chuck Foreman, Minnesota Vikings. That is a tribute to my friend Matt, a myeloma thriver and a huge Vikings fan. If you want to know more about Matt you can find him at mattvsmyeloma.com. There is a very nice video message from Matt’s mom on his blog. I found it very honest, emotional and thoughtful.

Today is day +44. I celebrated by seeing Dr. J. Nothing happening. Told him I feel good. He said great. Told him I went skiing on Monday. He said great. Told him I am back working, parenting, playing. He said … great.

Didn’t take my myeloma markers. We will do that April 17th. Day +100. In other words it was a very friendly visit from my very friendly, incredibly smart doctor.

So while Matt enjoys this tribute to him via Chuck Foreman, I will identify with two other 44s. First – the KING – Henry “Hank” Aaron. The real home run king.


I identify with Hank because of the struggle. He broke the home run record in the face of death threats. He never gave in. He never gave up. In spite of racism and bigotry he persevered. He overcame and he achieved. WITHOUT STEROIDS (we assume) – but (see below) – with cigarettes.


It’s actually quite refreshing that athletes during that time were so open about their nasty habits. I mean, in this current day and age where we have athletes paying to cover up drug scandals, shooting themselves in night clubs and more recently (this week) allegedly drugging and raping women and (allegedly) beating their fiancées in Atlantic City elevators it’s nice to be so out in the open.


The other 44 I identify with is this guy:


Mr. October. Came through in the clutch. The straw that stirred the drink. Reginald Jackson. That’s me. Mr. January – Mr. April 17th. Conquering Cancer the way Reggie conquered the Dodgers in the World Series. The way Hank Aaron conquered racism en route to the home run record. Winners. The way I intend to win this battle. The way I intend to round the bases toward remission.

It’s another great day to fight Cancer!

One response to “2/20/14 – Day +44

  1. Brad, along with many other things, you are a terrific writer! While I wish I were reading a blog that wasn’t documenting your fight with cancer, I love reading how eloquently you put things in perspective! Stay strong and keep up the great writing!!!

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