2/9/14 – Sunday Evening (Day +33)

Sunday evening day +33. I am sitting on the couch watching the Olympics with Helene and the kids and life is normal. Life is good. Everything is just regular. As it should be.

I was out and about this weekend and everyone I ran into wanted to know how I was doing. I received many texts and emails asking me how I was doing this week. “No blog?” “Haven’t gotten a blog update recently. How are you doing?”

Well … I’m doing fine! I never wanted to write just for the sake of writing. I only wanted to write when something important happened or I had an inspirational thought or philosophical thought. I always felt writing just for the sake of writing was self centered.

Many more important things than my Cancer have happened since I last wrote. Bill McHugh (@promotingGHL) ran up the stairs to the Empire State Building and raised $37,000 for the MMRF. Two of my Twitter buddies have relapsed. My friend Brian Geltzeiler (@hoopscritic) rode his bicycle to raise money for research for rare Cancers. All of these things are much more important than anything I could write. But in the spirit of this blog and because I understand that people want to hear how I am doing I give you this:

I am fine. I am great. I was out working this past week and have a great week ahead of me as well. I have been working out – although I am weak. I need to build my strength and endurance back. There’s a lot of good things happening. There’s a lot of shitty things happening too though – but – true to this blog I will always find the SILVER LINING in everything. For example:

SHITTY THING: No hair. SILVER LINING: I don’t need to shave.

SHITTY THING: I am weak. No strength. SILVER LINING: I lost 15 pounds and my suits fit again.

SHITTY THING: I get tired. SILVER LINING: Thanks to the SHOVLIN MATTRESS FACTORY I get lots of great sleep in my new Nirvana mattress!

Bottom line is this. Thanks to all of you and your love, support and friendship I am on my way toward recovery and remission. We will know at day +100. I have an appointment with Dr. J this Wednesday. I will update everyone after that.

REMINDER: The #BRADSTRONG GOLFS AGAINST CANCER golf outing is up and running and accepting reservations, sponsorships and donations. The response has been phenomenal already so THANK YOU AGAIN for supporting this great cause. Just click on the #BRADSTRONG GOLFS AGAINST CANCER link at the top of the page to learn more. We’ve already got a lot of new people attending. Some of my oldest and dearest friends are now in the mix with our Westfield community and business colleagues and competitors. As great and as special as it was last year – we plan on this year being even better!

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