1/30/14 – Good News … Bad News

Had my second visit with Dr. D today.  Everything is perfect from a transplant standpoint.  The infection should be gone.  I took my last IV this morning and she removed the picc line so I no longer have a string hanging out of my arm.

She said I have no restrictions physically or in my diet.  Life is back to normal.  I go see Dr. J next week (although I am not sure why) and then we find out at 100 days if this stem cell transplant actually worked.

Now I am going to try to book a quick ski trip up to Vermont or Lake Placid with Helene and the kids for the long President’s Day weekend.

So… What’s the bad news?

My car died at Hackensack this afternoon.  Could not start it in the parking lot.  I called Mercedes roadside assistance who came to jump start me but when we opened the hood the belt was shredded.  They offered to tow me to the nearest dealership but I needed to get the car back to Westfield where I get it serviced because they just replaced that belt!  So I called AAA for a tow back to Westfield and 3 hours later I just walked in the door!

Well  … at least I have my health!  Oh – and a great dinner delivered by the RIchters of Sole, Rice Pilaf, Broccoli and String Beans AND a UPS delivery of Lou Malnati’s pizza from Chicago and my old friend Wintz!  Screw the car…life is GOOD.

5 responses to “1/30/14 – Good News … Bad News

  1. Glad to hear that you are feeling well and that you are done with the IV!! Enjoy your ski trip with the family!! xoxoxo

  2. We will continue sending positive thoughts and prayers your way Brad and will anxiously await the news on day 100! In the meantime, enjoy every morsel, every mogul, every moment! You deserve it!! xoxo

  3. Dear Brad, It is so good to hear only encouraging news from you. Delighted you are home and beginning to get back in the groove. When do we start the countdown – or up – to 100?
    Stay well and love to all. Send photos from the ski trip. Love, Uncle Herb and Aunt Roberta

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