1/25/14 – Creamed Corn For Breakfast?

Well … I’ve been home for one week exactly. Many of you have called, texted, emailed etc with me or Helene so I thought I would write something quickly to let you all know I’m doing great!

My headaches are gone. My energy is fairly high and I am back to feeling almost like my old self.

I still get IV infusions of the antibiotic for the infection every morning until Thursday. Helene is doing a great job administering the IV. I can’t sing her praises enough. Keeping everything together with such grace and class!

About the worst thing I can say is that everything that I eat tastes like CREAMED CORN. It doesn’t matter much what I eat. The after taste is CREAMED CORN. It’s actually really gross.

Chicken? CREAMED CORN. Salad? CREAMED CORN. Steak? CREAMED CORN. It tastes good going in but the after taste that lingers is CREAMED CORN.

I have combatted this by eating smaller portions, keeping hydrated and eating sour foods or popping a Halls Mentho-Lyptus.

If that’s going to be the worst side effect? I will take it. I may never eat corn again however.

Tomorrow I will venture out into public and go to Ava’s cheer competition. Thursday I see Dr. D again. She will take the IV line out of my arm and then I will feel whole again.

Until then, feeling great! Thank you to everyone that has sent over lunches, dinners etc. I really am enjoying them despite the after taste.

6 responses to “1/25/14 – Creamed Corn For Breakfast?

  1. We are glad your feeling great! Keep up the good work. Lenny has no taste at all for several years now and hates mash potatoes — he was in Santa Clara, CA rehab after his t-2 fracture/plasmacytoma operation at Stamford (he was paralyzed for 9 mos. And now walks with a walker)(we live on Long Island) and they fed him mash potatoes for lunch and dinner for 2 weeks straight!

  2. Thanks for the update. I have been checking every day and not wanting to bug you guys. So happy to hear things are okay…despite the creamed corn after taste…xoxoxo

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