1/21/14 – Follow Up With Dr. D

Riding home from my follow up at Hackensack.

Blood counts look GREAT. WBCs 6.4. Hemoglobin above 10. Really recovering well. Aside from the blood infection this would be a breeze!

I still need at home IV infusions for the next 8 days. Nurse Helene has been administering and I can’t imagine how she got so good at it in such a short period of time. When you marry “for sickness and in health” no one mentioned giving IV infusions to your husband for 10 straight days!

She really could never know how much I appreciate and love her no matter how many times I tell her – it wouldn’t be enough.

That’s it for now. Tired. Need to catch up on rest/sleep. Feel good. 1000x better than yesterday.

We got this.

5 responses to “1/21/14 – Follow Up With Dr. D

  1. So happy to hear that you are feeling better and that your bloodwork looks great! Helene IS AMAZING!! You are BOTH so lucky to have each other!! Thanks for the update!! xoxox

  2. Great report and we’re so glad to hear how much better you’re feeling. Bouquets to Helene – how many of us could do what she’s doing?

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