1/18/14 – Home

On my way HOME!

Thank you to everyone for your outpouring of love and support. Literally THOUSANDS of Twitter mentions, blog comments, emails, cards, texts and Facebook tags. I could never live long enough to repay you all. My gratitude is unending.

Regarding Facebook – my intention was always to keep this off Facebook. I never thought my kindergarten nap buddies should be burdened with my troubles. But since we posted pictures of the head shaving party and people have posted support messages for me I have picked up support from a whole new part of my life.

Welcome to the journey. I have been using this as a means to keep everyone up to date – especially the folks not on Twitter. I will update less frequently now – you can always join Twitter if you desperately need more of me but I doubt that’s the case. I will get back to only posting the important stuff – doctor visits, progress on my remission, philosophical musings.

My thoughts and prayers are with all my other partners who are battling Multiple Myeloma alongside me. I hope we find a cure soon – for all of us. #BRADSTRONG GOLFS AGAINST CANCER on June 23, 2014 will be one great way to help us support that cause. More to come in the next few weeks on that!

My thoughts and prayers are also with those with other Cancers that are newly diagnosed, currently in the battle, or just finished treatment and are surviving and thriving. It has been very therapeutic for me sharing our experiences. I hope it has been for you all as well. We are all in this together!

So – I am headed HOME. I will need to administer an IV antibiotic for two weeks for this infection but I am headed HOME! The feeling is indescribable!

9 responses to “1/18/14 – Home

  1. Congratulations Brad! I knew those WBC’s would finally listen to you’re “I got this” mantra and do what they were supposed to do to get you home TODAY, on YOUR terms!!! More prayers coming your way to fight the infection! Mwah!

  2. I am so happy you are home, able to rest in your own bed, and feel like part of the world again. Don’t forget to still rest, your body is trying to heal, and you need that no stress time. Big Hugs to you and Helene!

  3. Know that you have been in our thoughts, and we are so happy to hear that you are back home with your wonderful family. We send warm hugs from Chicago.
    Anita and Bob

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