1/17/14 – Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love Ya …

Looks like I am heading home TOMORROW barring any unforeseen circumstances.

My blood counts are fine. It’s just this darn infection. They will have me on an IV antibiotic for two weeks after coming home.

TOMORROW is going to be a great day! I’m heading home TOMORROW.

12 responses to “1/17/14 – Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love Ya …

  1. Dear Brad, MAZEL TOV!! You are for sure winning this battle. Going home is the best medicine. Love to all, Uncle H and Aunt R

  2. Hi. My name is Julie and I am a fellow MM patient. I had a ASCT in July of ’13. Like you, I was SO ready to come home. I spent 19 long days in the hospital, and like you caught an infection and had to have IV antibiotics for 2 weeks. I was diagnosed Feb. 15, ’13 and since that time have been on a leave of absence from work. But by the grace of God I am in remission and returned to work Jan. ’14. I am adjusting to the new normal. Stay strong and I hope you get out of the hospital soon and be able to return to your life.

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