1/16/14 – Where We Are At

Just wanted to throw a quick hit out there for everyone. Thank you for all your messages and support. It means the world to me. I am low on energy so haven’t been as active with Twitter etc I as would like but here’s what’s going on.

Woke up with a 101.3 fever which knocked me out. I have about six different antibiotics in me right now to control it. I have spent the day in the all day room somewhere between shivering and sweating.

I will be hooked into an IV tonight in my apartment to continue the antibiotics.

WBCs have not risen yet. There was some slight movement but nothing meaningful. We expect a rise tomorrow and according to Dr. D home Saturday is a good possibility.

Hopefully as I go in and out of energy pockets I will be able to respond to all your emails, texts, calls, and tweets.

The silver lining? It’s working. This is part of the process. Everyone gets there differently. This is my path.

Hoping to be back to 100% tomorrow!

10 responses to “1/16/14 – Where We Are At

  1. You are so strong! Understanding this is part of the process. It sucks, but you are going to get thru it, let those drugs help and tomorrow is a new day!!
    Love you! Don’t worry about returning any message. Just let your body heal and accept the new cells.

  2. Love your silver lining today… so true. Your own process… your own journey. You never were a number and you’re certainly not one now. Sending love. oxox

  3. No need to respond-just want to say hey and hang in there pal. Hope you have a better night and a solid jump in your WBC. Barry g

  4. Go cells go! Fight cells fight! You can do it, yes you can!!!! Now imagine me with pompoms cheering for you. That’ll give you a good chuckle. Rest easy my man. Love and kisses xox

  5. You are such a fighter. Those cells will rise , they won’t dare stay down. Your team won’t stand for it. Lots of love and hugs for you XXOO

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