1/15/14 – Recap (Day +7)

Easily the toughest day so far. My WBCs have been at zero for two straight days so my immune system is at its lowest. I felt pretty good in the morning. Rode the bike, got some work done and had big hugs (a visit) from my sister in law Carolyn.

The afternoon was completely different. I was exhausted, nauseous and had the chills. I also had a slight (98.8) fever that thank goodness did not escalate.

Upon getting back to the apartment room I took a shower had a little soup and went to sleep. I woke up at 9:30 PM and felt 100% better. Now this morning I feel better than yesterday afternoon, but not quite 100%. Probably overnight dehydration. I am sure when I get back to the all day room and I get my fluids I will feel much better.

Today is day +8. Hopefully we will see some upward movement in the WBCs. I will keep everyone posted. My dad and step mother are coming in from Chicago today so I have that to look forward to. I JUST WANT TO GO HOME!

Gettin’ there! #bradstrong

8 responses to “1/15/14 – Recap (Day +7)

  1. Hi Brad,
    Uncle Errol and I are watching your blogs somewhat breathlessly and relieved to see your counts going in exactly the right direction. You’re doing great and managing the yucky parts really well. Keep on keeping on! We send all our love and positive thoughts.
    Aunt Susan and Uncle Errol

  2. Sleep is your healer take advantage of it while you can. Don’t rush things. You don’t want to go back to the hospital again once you go home. Fatigue will be your friend for awhile. Your body has a big job to do. Sounds like you are the strongest warrior on the field.

  3. Dear Brad, We can’t believe that with all that is happening to you that you have time and energy to keep us posted. Want to be among those who thank you for your efforts – the messages mean a lot to us, keep them coming.

    So glad you will be receiving BIG HUGS from Chicago today – they for sure will make you feel better. Please know that they are from all the folks who care about you in Chi-town.

    We are talking to your WBCs and telling them to behave. Enough hiding. Time to come out and do your thing.

    Take care and have a great white count day. Love, Uncle H and Aunt R.

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