1/14/14 – What The Heck Do I Have?

For some that are new to the blog or just reconnected through Facebook or Twitter here is a great article/interview about my Cancer – Multiple Myeloma


It’s a quick read. Pretty basic. And it comes from Chicago so it’s true to my roots!

I will continue to post these things from time to time for the benefit of anyone who wants to understand or learn more.

One response to “1/14/14 – What The Heck Do I Have?

  1. Good article. I had never heard of Multiple Myeloma before my daughter was diagnosed 2 years ago at the age of 32. She is one of the rare ones, although the more I read the more I see young people being diagnosed. She went through induction therapy & a transplant like you are now. She now is in complete remission which is sustained by a daily Revilmid pill. She has monthly Zometa infusions for 2 years. It did affect her kidneys but mostly her bones. Luckily today is a good day & that’s the way we have all learned to think.The progression that medicine has made with medicines to keep remission is amazing. They are working with genes & T cells to find a cure. Hopefully that will be soon for all blood cancer patients.
    Good luck in your fight for remission.

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