1/14/14 – Recap (Day +6)

Woke up feeling really nauseous and when I got to HUMC figured out why. DEHYDRATION! I was down five pounds from the previous day! This SCT is a great weight loss program. I mean – I needed to lose all the weight from the steroids I had been taking with Chemo thru the year right? I am down 15 pounds from my top.

Thankfully, after they gave me fluids thru the IV, the nausea went away and I felt pretty good for the rest of the day. Last night I kept a bottle of Gatorade by my bed and that really helped this morning.

I was able to ride another two miles on the bike after eating something.

Got “big hugs” (visits) yesterday from Helene. Trying to keep visitors to a minimum now that my counts have bottomed. My sole concentration is building my WBCs back to the point of GOING HOME! Dr. D says Friday is likely so I will shoot for Thursday. I always want to be an over achiever!

Today is day +7. I get a Neupogen shot again to help mobilize white cell production. Let’s get to it! My goal today is to work a little on my work business plan for 2014 and I need to write a work presentation as well for a meeting coming up.

Today is Tuesday. FRIDAY (or Thursday) can’t come soon enough!


5 responses to “1/14/14 – Recap (Day +6)

  1. Hey Brad – thinking about you and praying for great results! Keep over achieving :). Big Hug from Minnesnowta

  2. Sounds like a good plan! Have some chicken soup! I’m sure Thursday can’t come soon enough-keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing you on home turf pal. Barry G

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