1/14/14 – Quick Update on Today

Feeling pretty crappy this afternoon. I was fine this morning but it turned this afternoon. I started feeling achy and feverish.

Nurse Waysa says it is to be expected. I have had no WBC count for two days and it’s taking its toll. I came in on Monday (day -1) with a headache so we aren’t surprised.

Funny, this all started after I got my Neupogen shot. I asked her if that means it’s working. Her answer? She laughed and said “Well… let’s think that way.”

Hopefully WBC counts are on the rise soon.

Good thing I got some work done this morning!

3 responses to “1/14/14 – Quick Update on Today

  1. Hang in there, Brad. Your body is working hard… allow it and give yourself the rest you need. You’ll be out of there soon. Meanwhile, we’re sending lots of love and qi… feel it?? oxox

  2. Feel better Brad!! I’m pushing the days until Thurs/Friday for you!! The Schachter’s love you and we have you in our thoughts and prayers!!

  3. Easy for me to say, but hang tough Brad. It would take my mom a little while after I injected her with neurogenic and she didn’t get her whites knocked out! Good things this way comes, soon! Barry g

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